Munchster Truck
    You just bought your very own awesome food truck! Now you have to go around the city selling your delicious food! Come on, get on it and start completing your goals. As you earn more and more money, you need to buy brand new ingredients and sauces for better sandwiches!
Popcorn Maker
    It was a great idea to set up a popcorn stand in the movie theater! Now you're going to have lots of customers with different kinds of orders! If you want to grow your business, you need to serve them real fast. Otherwise they'll leave your place angrily and will never come back! Another thing you need to keep in mind is spending your money on new food and offering your customers some change! Good luck!
Modern Belle Spa Day
    Everything changes as the time goes by. Fashion is also changing. Are you able to keep up with the modern style? Start the day with a spa before changing. Then wear trendy and modern dresses. Everyone will love this new style!
Norah's Sandwich Cafe
    Welcome to Norah's Sandwich Cafe! She is famous for her delicious fresh sandwiches in town. As she is famous, her cafe is getting more and more busy everyday. She needs a assistant to work in the cafe. Can you help Nora serve her yummy foods? Earn more money to get the upgrades to make even better sandwiches.
Ice Cream Mania
    What goes well with a warm, sunny day? Of course a crispy cone of yummy ice cream! This cute robot is in charge of serving ice cream but people are getting crowded and this old machine is having hard time with keeping up. Let's help him to make hungy customers happy!
Spring Around the World
    As spring comes around, enjoy the season travelling around the world. You have four tasks in four different locations. Start your journey showing your styling skills in Tokyo and then go on discovering the surprises all around the world. This is going to be a life time experience!
Elsa's Creamery
    Did you know about Elsa's dream job when she was a kid? She always wanted to have her cafe and one day her father made a surprise by building a small ice cream stand and she started delivering the orders with great happiness. Would you like to see how?
Spring Fling Bling
    Elise is going to the spring-themed dance at school! Now that all she reads nowadays is Shakespeare's classics, she feels very much inspired by Princess Katharine and thinks that a princess look would go amazingly with the theme!